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Residents’ parking: Permits for visitors

Most addresses are entitled to two lots of visitor permits per year. You can either buy two blocks of digital visitor hours or two books of 30 one-day scratch card permits or buy one of each type.

Digital visitor hours

Prepaid digital visitor permits work similarly to paying for parking by phone or an app. You enter the registration number of your visitor’s car or cars and select the number of hours needed for the duration of their stay.

Rather than having to use a full one-day scratchcard for a visit that might only be a couple of hours, you get greater flexibility to use your hours exactly as needed – and you can easily extend a visiting period if it turns out that more time is needed.

Visitor scratch card permits

A book of 30 visitors’ permits costs £30.00 (dependent on your location, restrictions apply). These can only be used by visitors to the address to which they were issued. They are not transferrable, refundable and cannot be sold on to anyone else.

Find out more about visitor permits by watching our video below