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Residents’ parking permits

Residents’ parking zones are often used in areas where there is more demand than spaces making it difficult for residents to access parking where they live.

They don’t guarantee residents a parking space but help to manage and prioritise parking spaces for people who are full-time residents of those areas.

Apply for or renew a residents’ parking permit

Before applying for your residents’ parking permit please read our additional guidance for more information about:

You should also check to see if your area has a parking scheme. If you are applying for the first time, please also read our guidance below.

You can buy or renew a permit and set a start date up to 30 days in advance.  We don’t recommend buying a permit more than 10 days in advance of when you will take up residency at an address, especially if you will be moving into a shared student house or HMO.

The first permit issued per address will cost £35, but the price for any additional permits will be linked to that vehicle’s road tax band. See the full list of our permit prices.

Motorcycle owners who park in resident permit spaces also now need to buy a residents’ motorcycle parking permit. These cost £35 and are in addition to your property’s allocation of permits.

If you are unable to apply online for any reason or have concerns about online payments, alternative ways of applying are available. We’re not able to take over the phone applications or take payments by phone anymore. Please take a look at our most frequently asked questions for details of alternative ways to apply for and pay for a permit.

First-time applicants

If this is your first application using MiPermit Devon you are required to upload two supporting proofs with your application to have an account for your address.

  1. One for your property address, ideally a Council Tax bill for the current period, or a tenancy agreement with your name or spouse’s name on it, or a solicitors letter confirming completion of purchase of the property address, or a utility bill in your name for the address dated within the last three months.
  2. The other is for the vehicle to be issued with a permit, for example, the front cover of the V5C, or insurance documents showing the registration number, name and address of the applicant, or if you use a company-owned vehicle a letter from your employer confirming employment and required use of a vehicle issued by them.

Your supporting proofs can be submitted in one of the following file types: jpeg, png or PDF. You will only be asked for proof of eligibility when you first create your account for your property address.

If you are applying to use the second permit available or an additional permit for the address, please change the permit type from 1st permit to 2nd permit or 3rd etc. This will be shown at the top of the MiPermit application page. Forgetting to do so will produce an on screen error message advising no permits available and stop you from applying.

Pay careful attention to the use of the letter O and the number 0. The Council is not responsible for any errors made by the applicant at the time of submission. Make sure you have selected the correct address and input the registration number of your car correctly.

Payment made at the time of application will not be debited until your application is processed but may show as pending on your account and deducted from your available balance.

Watch the short video below for more information about using the MiPermit system.

We aim to process applications within 48 hours of their submission time. Your permit will not be valid until approved.  You should not use a resident permit only space until notified that your application has been approved.  An email or text will be sent to the email address or mobile number you have registered with when your application has been processed.

At time of application, your payment will not be debited from your account until it is approved by us. These may appear as a ‘pending’ payment on your bank account. If your application is rejected, this payment will not be taken.  However, the time taken by banks to release these funds back to your available balance can vary and may take up to 10 working days or even longer.  You should contact your bank in the first instance if your payment does not appear to have been returned to your account.