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Residents’ parking: Permits for essential visitors

One essential visitor parking permit is available to any full-time resident who relies on their family or friends for regular support in order to continue living independently in their own home.

Typically, these permits are issued to our older residents with infirmities or residents of any age with ongoing medical conditions, or a disability, with or without a Blue Badge.

The permit may also be used for childcare by parents who rely on family members for babysitting duties for children under 12 years of age.

The permit is issued to the resident to be given to their essential visitor for them to display in their car whilst they are providing care or support. When the visit is over, the permit should be handed back to the resident for re-use at another time.

An essential visitor permit costs £10.00 and all applications will require supporting evidence to demonstrate eligibility for the permit and ongoing eligibility at the time of renewal. You will need to upload two evidence proofs with your application. We’re looking for:

  • one piece of evidence to show that you are the owners or occupiers of the address, for example, Council Tax bill, tenancy agreement, utility bill, bank or benefit statement (only showing the name and address of the applicant, nothing more)
  • a copy of a prescription or letter from a GP or hospital or if you have a Blue Badge a photo or copy of the badge showing the holder’s name, badge number and expiry date

If this permit is for childcare use, one of the evidence documents must show the age or the date of birth of the youngest child being looked after at the house.

As part of the application you will need to provide a supporting statement – please give as much detail as you are able and willing to share, about how the permit will be used to support you and how often you think you will use it.

Family, friends or support workers may apply on behalf of the person or persons they support, but the application and supporting documents should be in the name of the resident who will be the permit holder.