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All other annual permits

Annual paper permits for Stover County Park,  the Grand Western Canal, St Andrew’s Road, and Bitton House car parks are available to buy or renew.  Some Business permits and Supported Living address permits may also be available here.

We will send you a reminder letter 30 days before your permit expires. Only use the renew option if all the details on the letter sent to you and the car registration numbers remain the same as on your current permit.

Make sure you apply before your existing permit expires and leave enough time for the new permit to be delivered by post to you. If you park without a valid permit on display, even if you are waiting for the replacement to be delivered, you may still receive a parking ticket for parking whilst displaying an invalid permit.

Should you need or want to make changes to the personal details on your permit do not renew it and ask us to make changes afterwards.  Please contact us for further assistance and before the current permit expires. In situations of any doubt, we advise you to contact us by email at for further advice before buying a permit.