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Maintaining roads


Fixing potholes

Since the new year we have increased the number of gangs tackling potholes on the highway network. The recent adverse weather has exacerbated the situation but we are working hard to manage the work alongside our contractors.

We will only carry out a repair on a pothole which meets the criteria in our highway safety policy (see Appendix 1, part 1.1 for full details). If the pothole meets these criteria it is classed as a safety defect and we will do a temporary or permanent repair. The type of repair depends on the category of the road.

If you report a pothole and we don’t repair it straight away this could be because:

  • the pothole was inspected and is not deemed to be a safety defect
  • there is a problem with the surface of the road which needs to be investigated as a repair will not solve the underlying problem
  • traffic management is needed to carry out repairs safely.

The Department of Transport allocates funds to local authorities for pothole repairs. For details of our yearly allocations, and a list of roads that will be repaired, using the fund, please see our pothole action fund page.