Why should I use FPS Web for Schools when I already have an Excel budget spreadsheet?

FPS Web for Schools has a number of advantages over Excel:

  • HCSS Education maintains FPS Web for Schools, updating it to reflect legislative and other changes, saving users time and giving them confidence in their budget figures.
  • Multiple users may view and edit FPS Web for Schools budget plans at the same time from a variety of locations, without the need for emailing various versions of an Excel document around. This means that users do not have to worry about accidentally using older versions of the budget, and can view changes made by other users immediately.
  • FPS Web for Schools can contain a huge amount of data and complicated formulae without speed of use being significantly affected. Excel spreadsheets can be slow to open and save once they grow beyond a certain size.
  • Data validation reduces the chance of entry errors, and the nature of the software means that formulae cannot be accidentally overtyped. This gives FPS Web for Schools a huge advantage over Excel which is very vulnerable to formula errors.