How long will a Free School Meals Award last?

The award will remain in place for as long as the child continues to attend a Devon school and the claimant receives a qualifying benefit. The claimant must report any change of circumstance immediately to check eligibility.

Please be advised that we are not automatically informed if a claimant’s circumstances change. Any information you have about a claimant changing benefit needs to be passed to us for investigation.

The claimant must report any change of circumstance immediately.

To report a change in circumstance, claimants should be advised to call the Education Helpline on 0345 155 1019.

Schools may communicate any ‘change of circumstance’ on the claimant’s behalf by emailing the FSM Team –

We will periodically carry out checks on entitlement and if necessary end claims. We will notify schools via email and claimant by letter when we have ceased a claim due to an audit check.