How do I deal with claims?

Travel Claims – Final Claims (Central Payment Schools only)

Please ensure that all travel claims are made up to 31 March and sent to the payments section by first class post to arrive no later than the published deadline earlier if possible. DO NOT include journeys for 1st April or later.

Claims in relation to all staff will be taken back to the old year.

Claims for Supply Teaching (Central Payment Schools only)

These should be completed up to the last working day of March only and after certification uploaded preferably on the same day to the payroll section.

Manually certified claims should be sent by FIRST CLASS POST.

In all cases claims must arrive by the ·published deadline.

Claims sent after this will need to be entered on creditors returns.

Claims paid in April will be charged to the old year. DO NOT include claims for work done 1st April or later.

Claims for Interview Expenses (Central Payment Schools only)

Claims should be forwarded to the Payments Team in the normal way. These should be marked Old Year on the coding grid.

Any claim for a successful candidate starting employment in the New Year should be added to the creditor schedule and released for payment once the candidate commences work.

How do I deal with claims? (Local Payments Schools only)

All claims for work done in March (payable in April) will need an external creditors journal.

You will find the information about the likely cost on the supply authorisation report.

Please summarize the entries at code level. It is not necessary or desirable to enter amounts at individual employee level.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all old year payroll costs are recorded in the old year.

These will be recognised in the LPS work book.