End of Year Returns Needed for Central Purpose

Prompt notification of carry forward depends on the reconciliation of the school cash at bank figure with the LEA figure and agreement of final spending totals.

To assist in this process a number of reports are required. These are detailed on the checklist. Points to note:

  • The bank reconciliation statement is to be certified by the headteacher/principal
  • A copy of the bank statements for each bank account covering the last week of March certified by the headteacher/principal
  • Please ensure that these are suppprted by the bank reconciliation and are sent by the published deadline – earlier if possible
  • Trial balance reports
  • Balance and reconcile your SBS spending. This process will prove that all entries relating to SBS have been recognised. The net total of ledger codes 0101 through 9999 less PAYCON should equal the total of the bank and control codes