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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We would like to reassure you that we are closely monitoring the situation and working with the government and NHS.

For guidance on coronavirus and the latest information for Devon, visit Devon County Council’s coronavirus (COVID-19) advice pages.

FAQ Topic - Mutual Fund FAQs

Name Sector
Can a reduced claim be submitted for a member of staff who is self-isolating and able to complete elements of their role remotely?
A Teacher is currently self-isolating and is unable to complete all of their duties as a teacher from home, can a claim be entered for this situation?
The school had budgeted for support staff being part of the Mutual Fund for the year but had not realised that the school had not requested them to be included as part of the premium. Can the school join midway through the year?
A member of staff went on two weeks paternity leave in March and the paternity leave continued in to April. However, the single claim for March and April was not received until May. Can the claim for the entire paternity leave still be paid?
The claim was submitted late due to the finance member of staff leaving the school and the finance department not being properly covered until November, when it was noticed that the claim had not been submitted.
A member of staff was absent from work to provide emergency transport/care to a relative, can this be claimed by the Mutual Fund?
The School was not aware that they had automatically enrolled in the Mutual Fund for 2015/16 and therefore did not know that they could claim for staff absences, which is why the claim was submitted late.
An individual has been absent from work since XX. It was agreed that the individual will return to work on a 3 week phased return from XX, but on the XX the individual fell ill again with depression linked to the primary ongoing back problem. Can this claim be treated as continuous or will the waiting days be required to be applied again?
My IMASS referral report states that an additional supply teacher/teaching assistant is required to work with, and assist the returning teacher throughout the phased return. Can the school claim through the Mutual Fund, the days that the supply teacher and the returning teacher are working together?
What if my Phased Return is greater than the standard 6 week phased return claim limit?

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