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Role of the school early help lead

Role description

Have a clear understanding of and be the point of contact in the school for the Devon early help, right for children tools and the early help systems. These will include:

  • Team around the Family (TAF) meetings
  • the ‘Early Help Assessment’
  • ‘Plan and Review’ pathway.

What you would offer

To support and develop confidence in school for practitioners to carry out early help Assessments, plan and review, the use of the right for children system, and, where appropriate, carry out the role of lead practitioner for a TAF.
To advise and support school practitioners when they come across barriers or non-engagement from families or other agencies.

Being proactive in your role

You can be proactive in this role by:

  • ensuring there is an effective handover when there is a change of lead practitioner
  • ensuring there is an appropriate step down/up if there is closure of the early help pathway
  • being able to promptly cascade to colleagues up-to-date information and any new developments about the Devon early help system and tools
  • being able to feedback system/pathway issues to

Offer support directly to others

Identify any skill gaps and appropriate training requirements within your school and discuss with your headteacher/CPD lead to organise access to the Devon early help offer and right for children training.
To work in collaboration with the early help support team and partner agencies to promote best practice and to identify improvement that could be introduced through the early help team.
Attend and play an active role in the locality early help practitioner forums.

Where to get support

The Early Help Team will be available to support you to deliver your role. This will include training, support and advice to keep your work to a minimum.
Access to regular, local forum meetings to ensure up-to-date information and support. Early help information for professionals.