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Understanding disability

Supporting staff and pupils to understand disability

Ableism/disability is discrimination and social prejudice against people with disabilities and/or people who are perceived to be disabled.  Ableism characterizes people as defined by their disabilities and inferior to the non-disabled.

It is important that staff are aware of the changes to the Equality Act regarding the legislation around disability.  The Council for disabled children provide guidance on what staff need to know.  Staff should also be provided with the appropriate CPD, so that they are able to manage pupils with disabilities in the classroom.  For example, too often children with a diagnosis of ADHD are receiving sanctions for not being able to sit still or being fidgety in class.  36% of SEND children experience bullying due to their disability7 and some of these reports are experiences in the classroom.

Establishments should also develop a growth mindset, in order to prevent disability discrimination amongst children and staff.

Bullying, prejudice and racism incidents (BPRI) resource 2022

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