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Funding 71: Split Site Eligibility

As part of this year’s authority proforma tool (APT) data collection (2023 to 2024), the local authority will be required to complete data on schools that meet the Department for Education’s (DfE’s) split site eligibility criteria.

The DfE’s split site eligibility criteria is:

Split site schools must have at least one additional site which

  • does not have a different school Unique Reference Number to the school’s mains site
  • is separated from the school’s main site by a road or a railway
  • has a building on it which is maintained by the school. A building located on a school site which is owned, controlled and/or maintained by the school and which is primarily used for educational purposes. This excludes any ancillary buildings, swimming pools or playing fields.
  • is used primarily for the educational purposes of 5 to 16 year-olds in mainstream education. Therefore, this excludes any sites used for special schools, nurseries or school sixth forms

All of the above criteria need to apply for your school to be eligibility.

For guidance please see:

Flow chart to assess eligibility for split site funding and

How to complete the split site data collection worksheet.

If you believe your school is eligible, please complete the Split sites template (under other forms) and return it to by 16/12/2022 for inclusion in the APT for submission to the DfE.