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Closedown 2022/23: School Leases – for 2022/23 Annual Accounts

Each school has been sent a letter, with an individual key code – to enable individual access to the lease information that we hold for each school as at 31st March 2022.  Please let me know if you need the key code, have any queries, or require other information via the mailbox below.

Please, only enter your key code in cell B1, and only delete the contents of B1 when you’ve completed your review.  Do not enter or delete any other cells on the page, as it will corrupt the file for other users, thank you.

Please find leases file on the following page, under the ‘Capital Forms’ heading: Forms – Support for schools and settings (

To provide details of new leases – please use the ‘New leases Pro-forma’ spreadsheet under ‘Capital Forms’. Link to the ‘Forms’ web page: Forms – Support for schools and settings (

Even if you do not have any lease equipment, the Capital Team would be grateful of a response to confirm this, so that we can ensure that our records are correct.

It would be appreciated if those schools that have not yet replied (we’re currently at 38%), and have lease equipment, to e-mail in writing to confirm existing leases or any changes required (e.g. lease extended or finishing early – with dates), and use the form to provide information on any new leases (even if they relate to earlier years), to the capital schools mailbox (below) by 28th March 2023

Thanks again to each of you for your cooperation and assistance with this