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Closedown 2022/23: Finance Data PowerBI Report for Devon Maintained Schools – Reminder

This is a reminder for schools that haven’t already signed up for access to the new Maintained Schools Finance Date PowerBI report. We urge you to please do so as it will provide free access to near-live financial data to aid you in completion of the end of year closedown tasks.

The report will provide you with summarised and detailed account information, specific to your school, which can be extracted via Excel and used as per school reporting requirements.

An AnyComms Pre-populated form, requesting user account information was sent to schools on the 26th January 2023, guidance on how to access this form can be found on this web page: Maintained School Data

If your school has not received the request for user account information AnyComms pre-populated form, please let us know via our mailbox:

Guidance for completing the AnyComms pre-populated form

When setting up your account we will accept only official e-mail addresses. This means either email addresses or e-mail addresses from the same domain as your official school website. If you need access to more than once Activity code, please complete one line for each activity code.

Please visit the following web page for further guidance to complete the AnyComms pre-populated form: Maintained School Data – Support for schools and settings (

For those schools that have already provided login details to us via AnyComms, thanks for this and you should shortly have access to the PowerBI report and the link to the report can be found on the following page: Maintained School Data