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Administration and finance

Maintained School Data

Shortly, a PowerBI report will be launched for Maintained Devon schools to access and view near live finance system (Finest) data. Please find guidance below relating to the initial stages around setting up school user accounts to access the data.

Anything that is input in Finest up to 10pm (the end of the day) will be extracted and loaded into the data warehouse.  The report is then set to update from the data warehouse at 7:30am the next morning, hence the report contains everything from the previous day.

AnyComms Pre-populated Forms Response Procedure

  • Please access AnyComms with your login information and select the ‘Pre-populated Forms’ option; click the ‘Request for user account information’ pre-populated form.
  • Please complete your email address, this must be a school email address for example: or other official school domain email address.
  • Complete activity code you require access to, in the format GXXXX.
  • Please complete your name in the next field.
  • Add any notes relevant to your request in the notes field.
  • Add an additional line if you require access to more than one school, in cases where your school may be part of a multiple budget federation. ( We will require approval from the headteacher if you are requesting access to a school different to the one at which you are based. Please request that an email as sent to by the headteacher.)
  • Once complete, please submit a return to us for processing

PowerBI Report Access Procedure

Once you have completed the AnyComms Pre-populated form requirements above, your account will be created and access will be granted to the following address:

Financial Data for Schools – Power BI

The link will only be accessible with the email address originally provided to us when access was requested. The report will only show transactions relating to the assigned school(s).

Using the Report

Once logged into the report, there will be a number of filter options for your data, shown on the left hand side of the screen (A screenshot is shown below)

Data can be extracted from the report using the menu on the top right of the report data, in any of the four reporting options (See screenshot shown below. Click ‘More Options’ and then ‘Extract Data’ where this data can then be used in Microsoft Excel as required.

Note: Be aware that the ‘More Options’ menu is obscured on the ‘Breakdown’ report but will still allow you to export, please see screenshot below.