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Administration 106: Finance Data for Devon Maintained Schools

We have been working on a BI report that will give schools access to near live data from the Devon Financial System (Finest). From the feedback received we think this is something that schools will find very useful. As part of the next stage we need to create user accounts for you to access the report. We will be collecting the data via AnyComms pre-populated forms over the coming days, so please keep an eye out for this when you next log in.

When setting up your account we will accept only official e-mail addresses. This means either email addresses or e-mail addresses from the same domain as your official school website. If you need access to more than once Activity code, please complete one line for each activity code.

Please visit the following web page for further guidance to complete the AnyComms pre-populated form: Maintained School Data – Support for schools and settings (

The report will be free for you to use.

Once we have set up your accounts we will send out more information.