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Maintaining roads

Unauthorised signage

Signs which are put up on highway assets, on roadside verges and roundabouts without permission are regarded as unauthorised signs and could be removed in line with our policy and in accordance with section 132 of the Highways Act. Any unauthorised sign may still be removed regardless of whether it has consent under the Town and Country Planning Regulations.

Where possible we will speak to the relevant business or owner of the sign. If this is not possible a letter/notice will be sent requesting that the signs be removed. Should it is not possible to identify or contact the owner the signs may be removed.

We will remove the sign from site if it is causing a considerable obstruction or deemed to be a safety concern.

Any signs that are removed will be stored at a local depot for a period of 3 months and incur a fee £130+ VAT for removal of the first sign, plus £49+ VAT for each additional sign removed.  This fee will need to be paid prior to collection.

Event signage

Discretion may be exercised with regards to signs for local fetes and small charitable events provided that they do not cause a hazard, distraction or visibility problem; are not over 0.5 metres in size, offensive or unsightly; are erected no more than 48 hours before the event and removed immediately after. Signs should only be erected locally to the event taking place – typically no more than 500 metres away.

If you would like to erect a banner for our event please see our request it page; banners and decorations.

‘A’ boards

Diagrams illustrating acceptable and non-acceptable placement of signs on the highway.
Click on image to view at full size

We understand that there is a need for signage and displays, especially in town and village centres outside local shops. Signs should be directly outside the shop/business or within the immediate vicinity.

We will liaise with shops/businesses when a sign or display:

  • does not allow a minimum width of passage of 1.5 metres
  • extends more than 450mm from the shop frontage
  • forces pedestrians into the road, either directly or because of the number of pedestrians.

We will remove the sign from site if it is causing a considerable obstruction or deemed to be a safety concern.