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Monitoring & Reporting 69 – Miscellaneous Income – Item Code 9389

Please be aware that item code 9389 – Miscellaneous Income must be cleared to zero for all schools, by the end of each financial year.

The majority of income received on item code 9389, can be allocated to item code …

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Governance and Compliance 67: FRS Reporting

As previously mentioned at the Babcock Bursar Briefing back in February this year, at this point in time CAPITA had not yet updated FMS to allow schools to map I08a and I08b CFR categories to the various ledger codes and …

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Monitoring and Reporting 62: Finance report requirements for Maintained Schools

With the continued position of schools being closed or partially open we have reviewed the upcoming report requirements

FRS Reports:
It has also now been agreed that, unless your school is subject to monthly monitoring, there will be no requirement …

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