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Administration 46: Mutual Fund 2019/20

The Mutual Fund Calculator for 2019/20 is now available via our MF webpage. The Mutual Fund premiums will reduce 10% for Teachers, and by 2.2% for Support Staff.

Please note that all non-maintained schools (Academies/Free Schools) who wish to …

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Closedown 8: This Week’s Deadlines

A gentle reminder of this week’s deadlines.

  • 27 Mar Mutual Fund – Deadline for March. Any short term absence relating
    to March is required to be submitted by this date. Any new absence
    commencing 27 – 31 March would not

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Closedown 16/17 3: Mutual Fund Claims Deadline for 2016/17

A gentle reminder for those schools in the Mutual Fund that the deadline for submission of claims relating to February 2017 is the 10th March.

The final deadline for claims relating to March is 27th March. Any new absence commencing …

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Administration 25: Mutual Fund Period 3 Claims Deadline

Just a reminder to all schools who are still in, that the deadline for Period 3 Mutual Fund Claims is today.

Also, the claims deadline for Period 4 is now not until the 30th September.…

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Mutual Fund Claim Waiting Days

A large amount of Mutual Fund Claims received in September have not allowed for the required waiting days when calculating the number of pupil days to be claimed. If you are unsure of or unaware of the waiting days there …

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