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General 112: Important Changes to Cash Banking

Santander are changing their rules on their coin deposits from August 18. This process will affect the way you bank, so you may want to find an alternative way to bank your income.

Other available options are:

  1. G4S collection,

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General 75: Cash/Cheque Banking

Revenue have received  several banking slips marked “NEW YEAR INCOME”  but  the income has been banked before 31st March. Therefore, the income will have been allocated to the “OLD YEAR”, as Revenue have no way of rolling over new …

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General 70: Important information relating to your cash banking process

Revenue have received the attached guidance relating to the introduction of the new £1 coin. Please ensure you read it thoroughly and take any action where necessary.…

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Closedown 16/17 5: This Week’s End of Year Deadlines

This week the following items need to be completed from the Year End Tasks and Deadlines list.

  • 16 Mar Invoices – Last date for any CT10/3 to reach Revenue section for processing into Period 12 (including internal invoice requests).

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