Spam Email: Tax refund Notice

An email supposedly from HMRC has been received by schools offering a tax refund. This email is spam, do not click on any links or open any attachments within the email. The Education & Learning Team have notified ScoMIS and SWGFL to see if a filter can be enforced to stop any future emails being received with the same email address. Should you receive a spam email, please follow the instructions available on the ScoMIS FAQ website for more information.

An example of the email can be seen below:

Tax refund Notice
Our records show that you are eligible for a tax refund of:
Please fill in the form before 2014-10-31.
The fastest and easiest way to get your refund is a direct deposit to your credit card/savings account.
Click here to access your tax refund.
Copyright 2014 HM Revenue & Customs. All rights reserved


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