Pupil Premium Spring 2013

We have had a number of queries relating to the pupil premium for spring 2013 and to help answer your questions we have put a letter on our website which contains a link to the DFE user guide for the download of the pupil premium allocation which we believe you might find useful.

Education & Learning Team

2 Responses to Pupil Premium Spring 2013

  1. Alison Pollentine says:

    When will we receive the pupil premium for 13/14?

    • education.finance says:

      Some Pupil Premium has already been released, but it was for Looked After Children Pupil Premium funding for the Spring term, not the main grant. We received notification in the last week regarding the main Pupil Premium Grant and will be processing the 2013/14 funding over the school holidays.

      Education & Learning Team

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