Permanent Exclusions Funding Adjustments

We have received a number of phone calls regarding the permanent exclusions funding adjustments that have recently taken place. A detailed breakdown for each exclusion can be found on the ‘Finance Information Community’ within SecureNet. The reference number on each line within the report on SecureNet refers to the unique pupil number.

On a similar matter, we are looking to improve the way we communicate with schools in regard to invoices, by sending out detailed notifications prior to the actual invoice taking place. More information will follow on how this will work in the next couple of days.

1 Response to Permanent Exclusions Funding Adjustments

  1. Marc Kastner says:

    A school have just discovered that if they permanently exclude a Year 11 child, more than £6k will be withdrawn from them. Alternative provision for the rest of the year is significantly less and far better for the child.

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