Service Issues 3 : Payroll File

We have had some queries from schools which have recently downloaded their Finance information and found that the files contain some transactions with balancing positive and negative entries for some employees, which balance to zero.   This has been caused by some test data being inadvertently included in the files for download.  The entries are not related to ‘live’ payroll information and can be ignored or deleted if necessary.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

If you have any queries regarding these entries please contact Caroline Taverner.

Caroline Taverner
HR Team Manager

7 Responses to Service Issues 3 : Payroll File

  1. says:

    The Education & Learning Team have been informed that HR One are currently working on a solution to the problem with the commitments and will provide an update as soon as they have resolved and tested to ensure the commitments will be reinstated.

    Caroline Taverner from HR One expresses her apologies to all schools and any future queries surrounding this issue should be emailed to her directly (

  2. Tina Bishop says:

    How will the October support staff pay reconcile now? Does it mean that everything will fail reconciliation? If so, this will cause a considerable amount of extra work for each school.

  3. Alison Pollentine says:

    If a patch is applied, please be aware that new support staff, or staff whose contracts have changed since September, do not seem to have been affected, on my system.

    Is this another case of pay data being played around with without consideration of the consequences for schools? A response from whoever is responsible for this would be appreciated.

  4. Jayne Dart-Cassidy says:

    I reiterate what my colleagues above had said. All support staff commitments for October have been wiped and now showing as a variance. Will the correct Month 7 payroll file automatically reconcile for these staff? Trying to produce monitoring reports for October is now very difficult.

  5. Jan Pannell says:

    Does this mean that all the month 7 commitments have been wiped? If so, will there be a patch to reinstate?

  6. Di Semple says:

    This has thrown all commitments out when we are trying to do month end reports as commitments for many support staff have been cleared in FMS for October. FMS does not allow you to re-instate the commitment as it has an actual against it. Very frustrating!

  7. Joy McGeehan says:

    You have failed to mention that this has wiped out all the salary commitments for support staff for the whole of month 7 which will need to be included in the FRS or monitor report. Fortunately it does not seem to have affected Teacher’s salaries but there could still be problems when pay comes down at the end of the month as there will not be any commitments for them and they could all possibly fail on our systems. This will involve a considerable amount of time to reconcile all these staff manually especially in a school of our size

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