New Budget Plan Released (version 4.05.06)

A new version of the budget plan has been released recently (v4.05.06), due to two bugs being found on previous versions. You can continue to use the previous versions but please be aware that:

1) The ‘Teachers Performance Related’ tab does not correctly calculate TLR’s 3_4, SEN1 or SEN2 and is therefore under calculating the teaching costs for future years.

Unfortunately no workaround exists. However, this error will only affect schools that use TLR’s 3_4, SEN1 and SEN2. Should you not use these TLR’s then your teaching staff will calculate correctly. If you do however use these TLR’s, then please contact Warren Smart to amend your budget plan.

2) The ‘TB Look Up NYB’ tab incorrectly states on some of the ledger codes, where on the 5 year plan the income/expenditure will appear. Therefore, when the user selects a ledger code from within the ‘Trial Balance’ tab or the ‘New Year Budget’ tab, the text under the heading ‘Appears on 5 Yr Plan’ is incorrect. Although, the text states incorrectly where the amounts would be listed on the ‘5 yr plan’ tab, the ‘5 yr plan’tab correctly picks up the right amount according to the CFR code and pulls these figures through.

Unfortunately no workaround exists, but as the correct amounts are being picked up no amendment is necessary.

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