New Budget Plan Released (version 4.05.04)

 A new version of the budget plan has been released recently (v4.05.04) due to three bugs being found on the previous version (v4.05.03). You can continue to use the previous version but please be aware that:

1) An error exists within the statistics section of the ‘5 yr plan’ tab, under ‘Curriculum Cost per pupil’ (row 84) and ‘Average Funding per pupil’ (row 86) section. This is because the cells are incorrectly picking up the correct values to calculate.

It is not possible to amend the statistics on the  ‘5 yr plan’ tab, however it is possible to use one of the free tabs at the back of the workbook and link this data held on the ‘5 yr plan’ tab to calculate various statistics. For example, open your budget plan and click on one of the free editable tabs (such as ‘Energy Costs’). In cell C5 enter = (equals) and then navigate to the ‘5 yr plan’ tab and click on cell C5 and then finally, hit the enter key. You will then be taken back to the ‘Energy Costs’ tab and the figure that you have in cell C5 of the ‘5 yr plan’ tab is now appearing within cell C5 of the ‘Energy Costs’ tab. Next copy the formula across the various cells within the ‘Energy Costs’ tab and below you will be able to enter your own formulas and create your own statistics using the data from the ‘5 yr plan’ tab.

2) The main title on the ‘5 yr plan’ tab is incorrectly stating if the school is part of a federation, multiple budget, single budget or not at all.

Unfortunately no workaround exists.

3) Upon importing additional staffing files into one budget plan, the grade for these staff incorrectly has a . (full stop) after the grade (for example D.), which means that the spinal point range cannot be correctly selected. This error will only effect schools that import multiple staffing csv files who are moving towards a single budget as of 1st April 2014 and are importing staff from multiple Sims databases.

To workaround this error, import all your staff from the various csv files as you would do normally, but prior to clicking on the button ‘Update Non-Teacher Salaries’, you must visit each of the non-teaching tabs and re-select the grade for all staff that have a . (full stop) after their grade. You do not need to do this for each of the three years for each individual, only the first year, as the amendment will ripple across the following years. Once this has been completed, you can click on the button ‘Update Non-Teacher Salaries’ to automatically update all the non-teaching staff spinal points accordingly.

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