Mutual Fund Membership for 2014/15

A quick reminder that schools currently in the Mutual Fund for 2013/14 will automatically be assumed to be scheme members for 2014/15 unless the school signals by the end of March that they have chosen to opt out. Should you wish to leave the Mutual Fund, you will need to complete an online opting out form. Should you want to alter your level of cover for 2014/15 and remain part of the Mutual Fund, you will be required to complete an online amendment form. For all other schools who want to remain part of the fund and keep the same level of cover, you need to do nothing. However, should you currently not be part of the Mutual Fund and would like to join the scheme for 2014/15, please complete ‘Joining The Mutual Fund Online Form’.

For all academies that are currently members of the Mutual Fund and wish to remain members of the Mutual Fund for 2014/15, we will require you to complete a simple online form by entering your academy staffing figures as at January 2014. This will therefore allow the Mutual Fund team to calculate your premium accordingly.

Full information for the 2014/15 Mutual Fund Scheme can be found in the accompanying letter.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact the Mutual Fund Team.

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