Month 0 Individual Assigned Resources

The detailed Individual Assigned Resources reports are available for download from RM Securenet Plus. The report name being 878nnnn_878xxxx_IAR_Month_0.pdf. This report represents the underlying data for the High Needs Target Funding as represented in the Budget Notification for 2014/15.

2 Responses to Month 0 Individual Assigned Resources

  1. says:

    We have tried to include the transfers from Primary to Secondary – where we have confirmed admissions. There may be a few pupils outstanding where admissions had not been confirmed, and these will be updated as the information becomes available.

  2. Alison Pollentine says:

    Re IAR information to support Budget Notification for 2014/15 Should this list include IAR students joining a secondary school from Primary in September, or will this be added later?

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