Monitoring & Reporting 69 – Miscellaneous Income – Item Code 9389

Please be aware that item code 9389 – Miscellaneous Income must be cleared to zero for all schools, by the end of each financial year.

The majority of income received on item code 9389, can be allocated to item code 9332 for the purposes as shown below:

9332 – Income from energy/feed-in tariffs

9332 – All other income the school receives from facilities and services, e.g. income for consultancy, training courses and examination fees

9332 – Income from universities/colleges for supply cover for student/teacher placements or student/teachers attending courses at universities/colleges (If this is a School Direct Salary Programme, see I06)

If you have any balances on the 9389 item code, we urge you to clear these as soon as possible.

Please see the CFR Document for further information regarding allocation of income and expenditure:

If you have any further queries regarding allocations, please contact us via our mailbox:

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