Monitoring & Reporting 67: DfE update on ‘what maintained schools must publish on line’

Please note the following update from the Devon Audit Partnership

A number of changes have been made to DfE guidance around what schools must publish online. A link to the guidance page is provided below.

What maintained schools must publish online

The pages updates are detailed below.

Added new sections: ‘Schools that do not have a website’ and ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19) catch-up premium’. Updated sections on ‘Admission arrangements’, ‘Exams and assessment results’, ‘Curriculum’, ‘Pupil premium’, ‘Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium’, ‘PE and sport premium for primary schools’, ‘Equality objectives’, ‘Special educational needs and disability (SEND) information’, ‘Governors’ information and duties’.

The Schools Audit Team note that this is an area that they do look at as part of the routine audits of schools.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please contact the schools audit mailbox:

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