Monitoring & Reporting 65: Summer Budget Monitoring Reports (FRS)

We have today noticed that an error existed in our database when processing the summer FRS reports from maintained schools, which when processed did not include the CFR categories I08a and I08b in the pdf reports that were sent back to schools. However, this has subsequently been fixed and all reports will be re-processed and sent back to schools by the end of play tomorrow (Friday 21st August).

Please ignore/delete any previous FRS pdf report that has been sent back to you prior to this date as the report will not provide a correct end of year position. However, if you have received an FRS error report stating that your budgeting monitoring excel spreadsheet was in the wrong format, you will still be required to re-create and re-submit your FRS report to the LA in the usual manner for us to process. Should you have any further queries regarding this issue please contact the School Finance Team.

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