Monitoring & Reporting 56: New Ledger Codes

Payroll have had to change the ledger codes for some expenses due to the way they will be processed in iTrent. For simplicity, Payroll’s Finance team now want to make the change with effect from 1st April 2019 rather than wait for iTrent implementation.

Please note that the CFR code remains unchanged for the type of expense.


Old Ledger Old Narrative New Ledger New Narrative CFR Code
3801 Travel Expenses incl. Hotel 3807 Travel Expenses incl. Hotel E08
3802 Travel lump sum 3806 Travel lump sum E08
4006 Books & Publications 4085 Books & Publications E22
4502 Telephones (excl. mobiles and smart phones) 4590 Telephones (excl. mobiles and smart phones) E22
4503 Mobile phones and smart phones 4589 Mobile phones and smart phones E22
4701 Subsistence 4786 Subsistence E08


Please note that for some expenses there will be a new dedicated NI and pension item code, however this will not actually be in use until expenses are processed through ITrent later in the year. Until then NI associated with the expenses will continue the same as at present and be coded to the standard NI code for that individual e.g 1210, 1250 etc.

Education and Learning Finance will process journals on schools’ behalf, but we would ask that you set up the new codes before half-term – in time for the journals to be processed

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