Monitoring & Reporting 45: CFR Benchmarking 15-16 data is now available

The EFA have confirmed that the Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) 2015-16 data is now available on the Schools Financial Benchmarking website.

The CFR data will be published as part of the 2016 Performance Tables for primary and secondary schools by the end of February. The publication will be at individual school level using grouped categories of income and expenditure. The full raw data will also be available to download and any data that could lead to the identification of individual staff salaries will be suppressed.

If the school`s data is not visible you should contact your Local Authority.  School Census data for January 2016 has been used to populate the pupil numbers and the November 2015 Workforce data has been used to populate the staff numbers. If your school converts within the financial year, a CFR return is required for the period to conversion. Academies are not required to submit a CFR return but they do need to submit an Annual Accounts Return (AAR).

If your school has converted you may wish to use the academies benchmarking site at:

For any queries you may have relating to CFR codes or the benchmarking website, please send an email to:

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