Monitoring & Reporting 45: 2015/16 IAR Schedules and Adjustments

All schools should have received updated 2015/16 Individual Assigned Resource (IAR) and HN Target Fund schedules via SecureNet

It is our usual practice to process allocations across a 2-year period, making adjustments as necessary.  This means if we under-funded in 15/16 we will issue additional funding; similarly if we over-funded we will recover funding.  Element 3 is directly linked to a pupil with an IAR and any adjustments are likely due to the period of support changing, for example if a pupil left earlier than anticipated or originally funded.

The schedules updated as at 31 October 2016 were reconciled to funding issued; the schedules updated as at 30 November 2016 show the result after adjustments.

To make it easier for Schools to identify the financial changes an individual’s name will be provided on the cash adjustment sheet provided on SecureNet and you should be able to cross-reference this to the IAR schedules.

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