Monitoring & Reporting 28: CCLI Copyright Licences 2015-16

 878 Devon Ref: EM-LEA415

Copyright Licences for Schools 2015-2016

CCLI provides licences to schools to cover the reproduction of hymns and worship songs for use in Collective Worship/assemblies. We are pleased to confirm that, with effect from 1st April 2015, these licences are now included in the Department for Education’s National Licence arrangements.

Who does this apply to?

These arrangements apply to maintained schools in England and cover primary and secondary schools (including academies) and special schools and pupil referral units. Nursery schools and Independent schools are not included.

How does the arrangement work?

Where schools have already paid for licences which expire after 1st April, the DfE will assume responsibility for payment from that school’s expiry date, therefore there is no requirement for a refund.

Each individual school remains the licensee and as such is responsible for ensuring that the terms and conditions of the licences are adhered to. Licence certificates and associated information can be downloaded from CCLI website.

CCLI will continue to provide full customer support to schools.

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