Monitoring & Reporting 14: FRS Planned Improvements

Following discussions with Capita in December they have provided Devon County Council and Scomis with a list of planned improvements for FRS in the coming summer term. The list of planned improvements can be read from the Scomis website and the link will shortly appear on the FRS Guidance webpage later today.

2 Responses to Monitoring & Reporting 14: FRS Planned Improvements

  1. John Lawlor says:

    Pleased to see some improvements at last. However two basic things that a number of governors have been asking for are still not included (unless I have misread the jargon);

    1. Include Revenue and Cost together.
    Against a number of cost centres the expenditure can be directly offset by unbudgeted income. For example supply cost can be partly offset by payments from insurances; school trip costs are offset against parental contributions etc etc. The old budget monitor was very useful since costs and revenue in these cases are shown on the same line and therefore the net cost could easily be monitored against budget. FRS does not seem to allow this – a retrograde step in financial control.

    2. Carry forward balance (surplus or deficit)
    The old monitor showed the school’s carry forward balance at the top of the page and at the bottom you could see the budgeted and forecast closing balance. FRS does not show this on the main reports – you have to call up a separate summary. I do not understand why it cannot be shown on the more detailed reports.

    Please address these issues.

    • says:

      Thank you for your response, we will forward your message on to Scomis who are keeping a record of all change requests/improvements from schools.

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