Monitoring & Reporting 13: Budget Planning Tool 2015-18

An error was spotted in the budget plan yesterday in version 4.06.04 within the ‘PP Summary’ tab. Unfortunately teachers who were flagged within the ‘Teachers’ tab under the heading ‘PP’ were not being transferred to the ‘Teachers Performance Related’ tab, and therefore were not being picked up when running the ‘Pupil Premium Summary Report’. This has since been corrected and a new version of the budget planning tool has been released (v4.06.05) and is available to download now via the Education & Learning website.

The ‘Pupil Premium Summary Report’ is completely optional and therefore if you do not use the report you are not required to do anything. Also, if you do use the report and you do not have any teachers flagged for PP, but you do have other staff that are flagged for PP, then the report will work. If however, you do have teachers who are flagged for PP then the report will not pick them up and you will need to send in your budget plan for it to be fixed via SecureNet within the ‘Finance Information Community’, making sure that your file name is called:


  • Where **** = the 4 digit DfE school number
  • Where schoolname = the name of the school with no spaces

We will send your budget plan back to you via the ‘Finance Information Community’ within 5 working days. To find out which version of the budget plan you are using, click on the ‘Instructions’ tab and view the details in cell B2.

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