Monitoring and Reporting 7 : SecureNet – Notifications of Remittances and High Need SEN Reports

At the Devon Education (Schools) Forum, 24 Oct 2014, it was highlighted that RM SecureNet is the only form of data transfer that the LA will use in relation to sensitive information (such as high needs top up funding details). The Phase Associations agreed to highlight this to their members.

See Agenda,  Finance Update PDF, Point 7(a), available on the Devon County Council website.

DCC use the RM SecureNet Plus system to communicate sensitive information securely to schools and academies. Amongst other things we use this system to:

  • Notify schools of transactions (payments or charges). As and when transactions occur “Notification of Transaction” reports are generated and are uploaded onto SecureNet at least twice a month. In most cases this will give additional information to that generated on the Finest System and therefore will help schools reconcile payments/charges on a monthly basis.
  • Notify schools of their High Needs Funding. Reports are produced at summary level and pupil level for each school. These are uploaded at the end of the month for school review.

In order to access this information schools will need to ensure they are subscribed to SecureNet via South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL). Email SWGfL ( for further information and subscription information.

We are unable to email sensitive data reports as this would infringe our Data Protection Policy. RM SecureNet is the only method of communicating specific data to schools.

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