Monitoring and Reporting 4: Changes in Ledger Coding for CFR

As a result of reviewing the Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) guidance for 2014-15 the following changes have been made to the ledger coding structure to provide transparency and ease for analysis. The changes are with immediate effect and will require you to update SIMS to reflect changes in CFR code and include additional ledger codes.

Note: You do not need to move income or expenditure at the moment as this will be picked up by Education and Learning Finance.

A full list of ledger codes for 2014/15 can be found on the Education & Learning website.

9 Responses to Monitoring and Reporting 4: Changes in Ledger Coding for CFR

  1. Amanda Pope says:

    Can you please clarify – is 9301 now a redundant code? Does all non UIFSM income now need to be coded to 9305?

    • says:

      No 9301 is not redundant. 9301 – This is to be used for school meals for pupils, vending machines or school milk provision.
      9305 – this code is to be used where the school provides meals to other external schools.
      Please see Monitoring & Reporting 8 for more clarification on Production Kitchens.

  2. Joy Mcgeehan says:

    Maybe you can inform the revenue team about using 9389 for income. I have just had income from Exeter University and the University of Plymouth and it has all been put on 9389. Maybe all the finance departments should speak to each other instead of causing us even more work and journals

    • says:

      All Finance sections are aware of these changes and requirements. Revenue are dealing with large volumes of income and with this in mind the use of ledger code 9389 is the only option available for income that comes in direct from the Universities or where the school has not provided the information. It is the school’s responsibility to clear this code and we would expect the school to move it off to the correct item once it has been identified.

      As mentioned at year end and at bursar meetings since it is the responsibility of the school to ensure that miscellaneous codes are cleared by the end of the financial year as they do not fall within the CFR structure for reporting.

  3. Joy Mcgeehan says:

    I am aware that Finance have always tried to remove miscellaneous codes but sometimes, and quite rarely, there is not a code that “fits”. I appreciate that there have been establishments that have used these codes unnecessarily, but sometimes some items are miscellaneous. I do hope also that all these journals will not be done in month 12, as last year. It causes a lot of work at year end which is not particularly helpful.

  4. Graham Gunn says:

    Please can we have the full list of ledger codes in numerical order as the new list in CFR order isn’t particularly user friendly.

    • says:

      A list detailing ledger codes in numerical order is going to be made available within the budget planning tool which is anticipated to be released in December. However, this is not going to be as detailed as the actual coding list in CFR which is what we recommend you use. We are currently working on a short list that will detail the most commonly used ledger codes by schools and this should be available by the end of the week.

  5. Sue Ferris says:

    Unable to print out code list in portrait or landscape the left hand side is always missing even if you go to shrink or fit page!

    • says:

      I am sorry you appear to be having an issue in trying to print the ledger code list. We did check to make sure that it would print correctly prior to it being released. Therefore, please check your print settings and if you are still having an issue please email so that we can arrange a time to call you back to assist you further.

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