Monitoring and Reporting 33: How to prevent Income being allocated to 9389

As touched upon in Monitor and Reporting 32, some schools have identified their cash banking, cheques and income from third parties being allocated to 9389 (Miscellaneous Income). The issues have been identified as forms which are not always being filled out with adequate detail to enable the Revenue team to allocate to the appropriate ledger code, or, because Revenue have not been notified where schools are expecting Income. To counter this, we propose the following “tips” for future income related transactions which we hope will reduce the quantity of transactions falling to 9389.

Income received from third parties:

 If you are expecting income from a third party, e.g. a lottery grant, please email the below detail to

  • Who the income is coming from
  • When you are expecting to receive it
  • The full code you would like credited i.e. Fund code/School number/Ledger code
  • The value of the income
  • Any reference number you may have

From the information provided above, the Revenue team will be able to identify the transaction and code it appropriately.

G4S Cash Collection Summary:

 If you are inputting into a G4S Cash Collection form, the below detail needs to be entered to ensure it is coded appropriately.

  • Manage (Fund code)
  • Activity (School number)
  • Item (Ledger code)
  • Adequate detail of payment received.

Cheque Banking List:

 When submitting your cheques with the cheque banking list sheet, it is of vital importance the sheet be filled out correctly to ensure the correct codes are being used. There are two stages to the cheque banking list. The Summary of Cheques where a “group” of similar payments are allocated to the appropriate code, e.g. four cheques for £10 have been received for “Visits – Parents Contributions”. This can be input on the summary as £40 to the appropriate code. On the right hand side of the form, a breakdown of individual cheques and amounts is required – in this case the four £10 cheques must be listed individually, with adequate detail.

Failure to provide the correct and full information such as codes and VAT classifications could result in your Income being misallocated and will delay the allocation process, plus there could be VAT implications which could result in the authority being fined by HMRC and if so, these fines would be passed back to the responsible school.

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