Monitoring And Reporting 23: CFR Data cleanse and Misc Income & Expenditure – Update

Following the blog post Monitoring and Reporting 15, I am pleased to say the Miscellaneous Expenditure and Income balances are reducing. Thank you to schools for their effort so far in clearing these balances.

There is still work to do however with the current balance sitting at:

£372,240 on 4901 Miscellaneous Expenditure and

£1,597,031 on 9389 Miscellaneous Income.

I would also like to draw your attention to blog post ‘Monitoring and Reporting 19 – CFR Data Cleanse’ that highlighted a number of ledger codes no longer to be used by Schools and requested any balances sitting on these ledger codes to be cleared as soon as possible.  Please also see Monitoring and Reporting 20: CFR coding E99 and I99 changes

Can schools please make every effort to investigate any remaining amounts and journal to an alternative code using the Schools Online Journal Transfer System.    Can you please ensure this is complete by the 20th March.

We will be contacting Schools over the next few weeks to highlight any remaining balances with a view to understanding the transactions on them and to discuss where else they are best placed.  This work is required for the Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) return.  You can use the CFR ledger code guidance to aid you in this task. Guidance can be found on the schools finance pages, Coding Guide.  If you cannot find a more relevant code to journal to, please feel free to contact the Schools Finance Team who will assist you in finding a more appropriate code.

If you have any queries with regards to online journals please refer to our FAQ’S in the first instance. This provides all the information required as to how to use the system, how to register, and also contains details of instances where journals still need to be processed by The Schools Finance Team, such as adjustments concerning VAT, and moving items between different school numbers

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