Monitoring and Reporting 21: SCITT Ledger code changed – 9314

Schools will have noticed that income from SCITT is no longer being put against the ledger code 9601 (Internal Recharges (Cr), but on ledger code 9314 (P Ledger Income)

This is the correct code as they are no longer an internal part of DCC and are accounted for as a separate business through our ‘P Ledger’ and the only ledger code that SCITT can use within our structure to journal the funds.

Persons raising an income from the P Ledger to a school are aware that they need to provide a job code which will identify the CFR code that this relates to and include if possible in the narrative.

Note: You will unfortunately not see this within FMS as the system will only allow the 3 elements of the codes which are Fund, School Number and Ledger Code.

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