Miscellaneous Income and Expenditure

We  would like to request and ask Maintained Schools to clear and no longer post journals to ledger codes 9389 (Miscellaneous Income) and 4901 (Miscellaneous Expenditure) This is because it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify certain payments and categorize what the payments are for. We would greatly appreciate if you could make an effort to clear any amounts on these two item codes before year end, and journal to an alternative code using the Schools Online Journal Transfer System. If you can not find a more relevant code to journal to, please feel free to contact the Schools Finance Team who will assist you in finding a more appropriate code.

 If you have not yet signed up to use the Online Journal Transfer System, then we would appreciate if you could  register  as soon as possible  please , as we are no longer processing  journals where schools are able to use the system to transfer items within their own DFE number

If you have any queries with regards to online journals please refer to our FAQ’S in the first instance. This provides all the information required as to how to use  the system, how to register, and also contains details of instances where journals still need to be processed by The Schools Finance Team, such as adjustments concerning VAT, and moving items between different school numbers.

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  1. education.finance says:

    You can continue to use 9389 for income received from online payments such as school meals, trips etc. However, schools must journal the monies from 9389 to an appropriate code and not simply leave it on 9389 as this can have a knock effect to CFR at year end. Should you feel that you do not have an appropriate code to journal the monies then please contact fineduc@devon.gov.uk for assistance. If you would like the income to go to 9301 instead of 9389, then please contact Sue Causon (sue.causon@devon.gov.uk) in the Revenue Team.

  2. Carol Smart says:

    I am continually processing journal transfer for online payments coded automatically to 9389. Will this now change, if so how will the Income team be able to identify the income?
    Thank you

  3. Pauline Hall says:

    Does this mean that dinner monies paid on-line thru’ School Comms will no longer automatically go to 9389 and can instead go directly to 9301?

    • Elena Steers says:

      I am chasing this one too – Frank Prowse at Scomis has assured me that Schoolcomms are addressing the issue of ledger codes in an upcoming upgrade but so far I haven’t seen any changes. This has been a huge shortcoming in the Schoolcomms system and if it isn’t address I don’t think we can stay with them.

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