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Can all schools that use an online payment facility for school meals, trips etc. please make sure that the income is correctly journaled off miscellaneous income to a suitable ledger code whilst also ensuring that the VAT is correctly dealt with. This is because we have noticed that a number of schools appear to have a large balance on the miscellaneous income ledger code (9389) which have not been journaled to the correct ledger code.

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  1. Sue says:

    Karen, we use the csv report in Parentmail to reconcile from which doesn’t take long, the only errors we’ve had in 3 years have been where payments have been mis-allocated to the wrong school in the reconciliation process, not from Parentmail.
    Parentmail1 is much easier to reconcile than Parentmail 2 as the charges are done as one monthly payment instead of a small percentage off each payment. I have mentioned this to Parentmail, and it is the main reason why I have one school still on Parentmail 1 and the other is on Parentmail 2.
    Strangely, Parentmail 1 reconciles to 9301 – except when it randomly appears on 9389! At least that allows me to tell which school is which – another improvement would be if the school code for the payment was in the reconciliation as this would help single budget Federations.
    I agree with Tina that it would be useful if they could go onto the correct codes when reconciled, DCC would have to talk to Parentmail about that though I believe it is possible in other counties.

  2. Karen Campbell says:

    We use ParentMail2 and the problem we have is that their statements and accounting is such rubbish that it takes hours to reconcile and correct their errors which is why sometimes we have larger than we would wish.
    I would not recommend ParentMail to another schools who are looking for an online system in view of the problems we have encountered.

    • Sue Gawman says:

      Hi Karen,

      I also use Parentmail and have no issues at all. I reconcile a the end of each month when they send me their statement of monthly banking. I then simply complete an online journal to move income to the correct fund.

    • Carol Finning says:

      We haven’t had problems with the accounting though it’s irritating that the debit card charges are deducted before income is credited to the bank account. It needs some fiddling each month.

    • Sue Gawman says:

      Hi Karen,

      We use Parentmail and find the system works well. I keep all the income on suspense until I receive the monthly banking report and then I reconcile. I then complete an online journal for the totals once I have agreed the amounts on the FIS reports..

  3. Sue says:

    I am aware of this, but prefer to journal the income onto the correct ledger codes at the end of a term or the financial year as this is much easier than doing numerous journals throughout the year.

  4. Tina Bishop says:

    Is there a way of setting up our system so that when parents pay in through the online payment facility the correct code can be used for the individual credits, i.e. 9301 for school meals and 9330 for educational visits, etc. This would mean that large balances would not accrue on code 9389 and we would not have to ask you to keep on transferring items.


  5. Christine says:

    I was told some time ago that it was up to us if we wanted to journal income from 9389 to the correct ledger codes on a weekly, monthly, termly, or end of the year basis!

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