July Edition – ‘Need to Know’

The July edition of the ‘Need to Know’ has just gone live and this edition includes topics on capital budgets, growth funding and support centre – place funding to name but a few.

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  1. Di says:

    Re NtK item Ledger Codes – Bideford College had transactions of £19137 on code 2306 for FYR 12/13.

    • education.finance says:

      Hi Di

      I have had a discussion with the team who provided this information for the ‘Need to Know’ and it would appear that some schools have been using the correct ledger codes (like yourself) but a number of schools haven’t. So I have told them to be much clearer in the future when they provide information that they want posted out to schools, but thanks for bringing this to our attention.

      Education & Learning Team

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