High Needs Funding Update Reports – July Class Adjustments

For the attention of the Finance Department

Reports have been uploaded to RM Securenet Plus

Individual Assigned Resources (High Needs Block Funding) have been updated for changes in July 2013.

  • 878nnnn_2013-14_Month_4_HNB_Maintained
  • 878nnnn_2013-14_Month_4_IARs

Support Centre Funding

  • 878nnnn_2013-14_Month_4_Support_Centre_Top_Up

Early Years Action Plus

  • 878nnnn_2013-14_Month_4_Early _Years_Action_Plus

Special School Reports

  • 878nnnn_2013-14_Month_4_Top_Up_Funding

Class Adjustment Reports

Summary of all transactions created by the School Finance Team whether payable to or due from the School is shown on the CashAdj report, which is available on RM Securenet Plus. Payable – all credit transactions; Receivable – all debit transactions. For the month of July, 2 separate batches of transactions have been processed with the following references:

  • 878nnnn_878xxxx_CashAdj_130715_nnnnnnn_0000010 – Invoices will be dated 15/07/2013 (Debtors and Creditors)
    • LABP Funding instalments for April 2013 to March 2014 (for schools that have returned their signed agreements;
    • Late adjustments to Mutual Fund Premiums
    • Exceptional Events funding
    • July instalment of the Initial Allocation for De-Delegation – Local Payment schools only
    • Special Schools July Post 16 Base Reduction
    • June Vat Adjustments for Local Payment Schools only
    • 878nnnn_878xxxx_CashAdj_130726_nnnnnnn_0000011 – Invoices will be dated 26/07/2013 (Debtors and Creditors)
      • Exceptional Events Funding
      • Contingency Bid Funding
      • 80% Subsidy Allowance for Broadband
      • Long Term Teachers Absence adjustments
      • Short Term Teachers Absence Claims
      • Short Term Non Teachers Absence Claims
      • Maternity Pay Adjustments
      • Trade Union – NASUWT and Central
      • Teacher Absence Adustments
      • NPS Devon Maintenance Partnership – Buildings/Gas Maintenance Scheme; VA Promise 5 Charges 13-14
      • Special School Post and Pre 16 Top Up Funding for July
      • Special School Post and Pre 16 Top Up Funding for prior months (April to June)
      • Special School Post and Pre 16 Top Up Plus Funding for July
      • Summer School Pupil Premium 50% Allocation
      • Support Centre Top Up Funding for July
      • Early Years Action Plus funding for July
      • Adjustment to April, May and June High Needs (Difference between Month 3 High Needs Block Reports and Month 4 High Needs Block Reports);
      • July High Needs Funding (can be matched to Month 4 High Needs Block Reports)

I hope this information will assist in your reconciliation of payments due to/from the Local Authority for the month of July.

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