Governance & Compliance 45: Summer Monitoring Statements (FRS)

This is just gentle reminder that the Education & Learning Team has only received 52 FRS monitoring statements so far that relate to either period 3 or 4 for the summer term.

If you have submitted an FRS report for period 1 or 2 this is too early to be counted as your summer statement and therefore your summer return is still outstanding.

Please make sure that you have submitted your summer FRS return before the end of July.

2 Responses to Governance & Compliance 45: Summer Monitoring Statements (FRS)

  1. Karen says:

    Presumably it will have to be period 3 as period 4 summary won’t be available before the end of July? This will then presumably go to governors in September?

    • says:

      Following further discussions both internally and with schools, the summer monitoring statements should refer to either period 2, 3 or 4. We are just in the process of putting a notification on the blog to update schools and apologise for any confusion.

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