Governance & Compliance 32: FPS Web Training Dates

The Education & Learning Team are pleased to announce that following a successful Financial Planning Suite (FPS) Web pilot and approval from Schools Finance Group, DCC will be adopting the FPS Web as the budget planning tool for 2016/17.

EAL Finance would like to apologise to Devon maintained schools for not being able to notify you sooner, but we have been waiting on information from our partners around training dates and costs associated.

We are now in a position to confirm the training dates as follows:

11th, 12th, 18th, 20th January –  Exeter Racecourse
19th January or 22nd February –  The Imperial Hotel, Barnstaple
1st or 8th February –  The Watermark Centre, Ivybridge

Secondary Schools 27th January – Exeter Racecourse

Federations 9th February – Coaver Club, Exeter

  • The training is mandatory for all maintained schools and will cost £130 per school (up to 2 people may attend), with the training course taking place over a full day.
  • Schools will be able to use their own chart of accounts and staffing data. Instructions on tasks that are required to be completed prior to the training course will be provided by ScoMIS once a school has booked on their place on a training course.
  • Each school will be required to bring their own laptop.

The training courses on the 27th January and the 9th February will be focusing mainly on secondary schools and federation schools respectively. This is so that schools with similar queries and issues can sit and work together on the one session.

Note: if you are unable to make these dates, please book on another date.

Schools unable to attend

If a school chooses not to attend one of the available FPS training dates, the school will still be charged £130 and will be required to take out training offered by ScoMIS at an additional cost of £170 per person.

Access to FPS Web will remain blocked until a school has booked on to one of the above training dates.

Initial Training costs will be raised in February/March 2016.

Annual Charges

The annual cost has come in under the £1,000 estimate stated at the Bursar Briefings in November. Starting form 1st April 2016 prices will be.

2016/17 2017/18 2018/19
FPS Web Licence £435 £435 £435
Personnel 7 & FMS6 Links £200 £200 £200

These charges will apply to each school with a single budget.

So for example, 4 schools are in a single budget with a hub school number ‘1111’ will see only the cost to the single budget federation which will be £635 and will be charged to school number ‘1111’.

If you are multi-budget federation then each school maintains their own budget and each school will see a charge of £635.

If a school is not in a federation, they will be charged £635.

The cost of the FPS Web licence and links will be raised by the EAL Finance at the end of this financial year.


This is currently not available to book online. To book yourself on an FPS training course please contact ScoMIS on 01392 385300 or email ScoMIS (

Must be completed

As part of the set-up for FPS Web, ScoMIS will require written permission to apply two patches for those schools that are on terminal sever. These schools will need to copy/print out the text below, sign and complete the request form and send it back to ScoMIS ( If the school is not on terminal server please contact ScoMIS and request the patches for ‘Third Party Budgeting – FMS 6 Link Licence Patch_19335  and Third Party Budgeting – P7 Link Licence Patch 12104’.


HCSS Financial Planning Software for Five Year Budget Plans

FPS Web companion is a piece of software (provided by HCSS/Capita) that allows users to perform budget planning tasks. The software has two components that extract data from a SIMS or FMS databases. These components are known as the FMS link and the P7 link software.

In preparation for the training sessions being offered to Devon maintained schools for this software, please accept this email as confirmation of the school’s authority to apply the following to our SIMS and FMS databases:-

Third Party Budgeting – FMS 6 Link Licence Patch_19335  and Third Party Budgeting – P7 Link Licence Patch 12104 .

Signed ……………………………………….

Name (printed)………………………………

Date ………………………………………….


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