Governance & Compliance 24: Summer FRS Monitoring Returns

The Education & Learning Team has received a high number of FRS Summer monitoring returns, however a number of these returns have contained errors. These errors include incorrect CFR mappings, incorrect ledger codes used and the wrong layout applied to the report. Please make sure that no groupings are used within the report that you submit to DCC.

To check to see if an error has been found. Log-on to the Finance Information Community within SecureNet and download the reports. Should no error be found, you will receive a report detailing the end of year position for the school by CFR headings (identical to the headings used by the budget plan).

Should you receive a report that contains an error, you will need to amend the errors within FMS and then re-create your FRS report and submit it back to DCC before the end of July, otherwise your monitoring statement for the summer term will remain outstanding.

For details on how to submit your FRS report and which layout to use, please visit the FRS Guidance webpage.

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  1. says:

    Thank you for pointing out this error. In total 8 schools were incorrectly informed that the ledger code 7965 was incorrectly mapped. This has since been corrected and all schools that had submitted an FRS monitoring return where they had used ledger code 7965 and had it mapped to E25, have been informed that it is indeed correct and do not need to make any amendment in FMS. If that was the only error contained within the report, we have re-processed the FRS monitoring return.

  2. Kath Dyer says:

    We at West Dartmoor Federation have attempted this afternoon to rectify this but are currently unable to import the data file as there is an issue following the recent upgrade, of which Scomis are aware.

    • says:

      We are aware that an error pops-up on screen if you load an old layout following the recent FRS upgrade. However, if you click on ‘OK’ when the error message appears the layout will load correctly. We are currently testing a couple of new layouts with the intention that they will be made available at the end of August. One will replace the current ‘allschoolsreport’ as 5 more fields have become available and another layout has been created so schools can create a report that looks very similar to the old style monitor.

      The Education & Learning Team are not aware of any other errors and should schools experience any other error, please report it to ScoMIS. We then meet with ScoMIS, Babcock and Capita once a term to discuss current issues and future upgrades.

  3. Amanda Blackmore says:

    My error code is 7965 incorrectly mapped to E25, however this appears to be correct on the ledger code listing. Please can someone advise.

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